Jago’s Parents

We wanted to have some really special photographs to look back on of the time when our son was all little and new! The fact that you’d taken photographs of us while I was pregnant (so you knew us already, and we knew we loved your photography style), as well as the fact that we wanted family photos of us all together, which we thought you would be able to capture better than us.

I was worried about looking a mess, and Jago crying and/or needing feeding a lot, but I was looking forward to introducing you to our gorgeous new baby, and having some precious family time captured.

We really enjoyed the session, the time flew by!  I love those photos most of all now because it really conveys what life is like with a newborn, and it will be something we can look back on and laugh at together as a family.  We loved the images and we’ve had them made into a beautiful album, to compliment the album of our maternity shots.

Jago: Part One

Jago: Newborn

Jago's Parents May 17, 2016