What my clients said

"Mei couldn't have done more to make us feel comfortable and happy during both shoots. Her relaxed and cheerful attitude put us at our ease, and allowed us to enjoy the sessions.
The pictures were definitely what we'd hoped for - we loved how Mei had captured a real sense of our relationship and our brand new family life. " Continue Reading

Katy & Dave & Jenny May 17, 2016

"Mei was so friendly and easy to relax with that she even got me in front of the camera, which is normally nigh on impossible! She truly does work miracles.

When I saw the final results I was blown away. The photos were amazing and I couldn't wait to show friends and family (and anyone else who would sit still long enough!).
I would recommend Mei in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fun family photoshoot that really captures the wonder and happiness in a child." Continue Reading

Sarah (Felix's mum) May 17, 2016

When I saw the pictures, to be honest, I cried. What made me cry was the fact that it was all there.
Every single thing about them that I know and love - it was there, shining out of Mei's pictures. They are a brilliant representation of my gorgeous children.

I would happily recommend a shoot with Mei. The thoughtfulness, the keen eye for detail, and the just letting kids be kids. It's a little bit of magic she does. Continue Reading

Rachel (Issac & Polly's Mum) May 17, 2016

"We really enjoyed the session, the time flew by!
I love those photos most of all now because it really conveys what life is like with a newborn, and it will be something we can look back on together as a family." Continue Reading

Jago's Parents May 17, 2016

"We wanted some professional pics of Arthur while he was still very much a baby.  We also wanted something that captured his personality, not just the kind of generic over-lit, soft-focus heavy stuff you see on the high street. We both loved your style of photography and felt you'd be able to produce the kind of Continue Reading

Alex & Anna & Arthur November 7, 2016

Photographer review

I admit that I was nervous (read, "terrified") of having a family photo session....I'm far more used to being the other side of the camera, and there is a good reason for that, I am totally awkward and so unphotogenic. Add in two often-grumpy children and you can start to understand my fear. However, Mei picked Continue Reading

Liz, Rich, Ethan and Ysella xxx April 13, 2017