The Session

How long does it take?

As long as it needs to, but generally about an hour. I try to only schedule one client session per day, so that there’s plenty of time for your child to get to know me (and ask as many questions as they like). I find that even the most interesting child rarely wants to keep going for two hours. The exception is obviously babies, who keep their own schedule like  ’40’s  film stars.

Can my child…?

Almost certainly. Children and babies are busy people. They have stuff to be done, grass to feel and daisies to be examined. I’m very aware that I’m on their schedule so whatever they need to do takes priority. Your child is free to be your child. Because there are no fixed time slots, your child is free to chat, run about (including away, they usually come back again), jump, climb, shout, nurse*, stop for a snack and I’ll work around nap times. A hungry, tired or stressed child won’t be having much fun and it’ll show in the images.  But mostly I’d rather we had fun.

*If requested, I’d be happy to include nursing images within your session.

I don’t like posing; what do I do with my hands?

I don’t like posing either. I work with minimal direction and interfere as little as possible. We’ll chat, walk and play and have a lovely morning out and about. Your hands are free to be wherever they need to be. Just as they normally are. You don’t need to worry about being anything other than yourselves and I’ll find the angles and light for you. Your images are about your family.

What about the weather?

Oh the glorious changeable British weather! Living by the coast, I find things normally clear up most days even if it looks a bit gloomy first thing.
I have a good coat and I’m happy to come out for a photo session if you are.  A little cloud can make wonderful soft light, puddle-jumping is great fun and I’ve even had photo shoots while the snow fell.  Obviously storms and foul days are only good for staying home under a duvet but 95% of British weather is fine by me. 

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