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How much retouching do you do?

All your images will be individually edited and delicately balanced to maximise light and create beautiful portraits that you will love. I only remove temporary blemishes like spots and scratches, and even then only if specifically asked to.  I work hard to keep any alterations subtle so that you and your family are properly represented at that moment in time and that when you look back at them in the decades to come, it feels truthful.  All your images will be presented fully finished to show you at your natural, beautiful best.

How many images will I get?

I’ll take around 100 shots during your portrait session and select the very best 20-30 images to show you at your ordering session. Because small children move so fast, I’ll often take a series of shots to make sure I can get the images I intend in terms of composition, lighting and avoid half blinked eyes. I’ll present you with any images that meet my technical standard, so don’t worry that you’ll miss out on your child’s classic curious expression because of a lack of a smile. All images which are not presented are immediately deleted without editing.


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My husband and I wanted some photos to capture the last days of my pregnancy and our daughter's early weeks. Neither of us are naturals in front of the camera, and we wanted someone who could put us at our ease.  She was keen to find a setting for the maternity shoot that meant something to us, and we had a lovely morning in our local fields.

Mei couldn't have done more to make us feel comfortable and happy during both shoots. Her relaxed and cheerful attitude put us at our ease, and allowed us to enjoy the sessions.

The second shoot, at home with little Jenny, also went well. Life with a newborn is seldom predictable, but Mei let the day proceed at its own pace and helped us all to relax and be ourselves.

Both shoots ended up being a lot of fun, and I think that shows in the resulting photos. The pictures were definitely what we'd hoped for - we loved how Mei had captured a real sense of our relationship and our brand new family life.

Time moves fast and our daughter is a sparky toddler already - we love leafing through our albums and remembering what she was like as a tiny squiggly newborn and a bump!


Winter Wonders
Jenny at Home


Katy & Dave & Jenny May 17, 2016

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