I love a good question. Let me see if I can help with some answers.

The answer to the first one is usually that it’s pronounced “May” like the month, but  I’ll answer to almost anything if you’re talking in my general direction.

Do you have:

… questions about the photo session?

… questions about my images?

… questions about the packages and products?

… questions about me and my photography style?

Want to see some of my recent sessions?

Or about something else not mentioned here, please get in touch or drop me a line [email protected]


And just for good measure, here are some extra answers for questions you hadn’t even asked yet.

+  I’m a proper bread junkie, I keep a sourdough starter in the fridge and cold ferment pizza dough has changed my life;

+  I’ve surprised everyone who knows me by taking up running and loving it.  Helps to balance out the bread consumption.

+  I have too many books and lenses (according to my husband);

+  White, no sugar please.

+  Oh, and it’s a hawthorn. A native tree, very important for insects, mammals, birds and even some reptiles. It’s commonly used in  hedgerows and it’s a tree of protection and hope in British mythology, especially for the young. More importantly though, it’s known as a MayTree and I can’t resist a good pun.