Sarah (Felix’s mum)

I really enjoyed our photo session with Mei. I was a bit worried that my son wouldn’t “perform” as he can be a bit shy with new people, and often hides from the camera. I didn’t want it to be a wasted trip! But Mei was wonderful with him. She got to know him on his terms and at his pace, so when it came to the actual photography he trusted her completely and was on top form. She managed to capture the charming, cheeky smile that we see so often but never manage to photograph.

Mei was so friendly and easy to relax with that she even got me in front of the camera, which is normally nigh on impossible!  She truly does work miracles.

When I saw the final results I was blown away. The photos were amazing and I couldn’t wait to show friends and family (and anyone else who would sit still long enough!). I would recommend Mei in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fun family photoshoot that really captures the wonder and happiness in a child.

Ohh Baby Bay-by

Sarah (Felix's mum) May 17, 2016