Tea time treats

I think we all need a bit of treat time at this time of year. Just a little something while you take a moment & catch your breath. To sit down now somewhere warm now that Autumn has definitely stomped in and made us go looking for the big boots at the back of the cupboard.

I like to look after the families I work with so I’m going to going to give this month’s clients a little something to help you watch the seasons start to turn.

I’ve got you some of the great Dorset Tea along with a fabulous new stripy mug of your own. And some Dorset chocolate to have on the side. If you want it. You don’t have to. Just give me a call before the end of the month to book your family session. It’s probably one of the last few weeks that I have before my diary gets filled with sessions for Christmas so if you want to join me while things are calm, we can all take our time together.

Call me on 07989 194 574, email me at [email protected] or leave your details here and I can arrange your session and make things a little bit easier for you.

Southbourne tea photography