Studland family portraits

I started writing this post on one of the hottest days of the year, and it feels strange that it’s one of the few that we won’t need a fleece at the beach. At least, not until tonight.  But the beach isn’t just for sunbathing, its far more than that.  There’s something so freeing in having space to run, to shout, even space to sit and stare at wide horizons.  And having all that space helps to bring you closer together.

This is one of my first sessions for my At 6s & 7s project.  This one is for Lucas and his family over in Swanage.
(You can see Evie’s beachut session here and Issac’s basketball session here)

Beach family portraits

Swanage life seems to be a lot like Southbourne life. You’re drawn back to beach time and again when there are a few spare minutes together.  When life is busy, it feels even more important to fit in the ‘doing nothing’ time together.  So it was natural that for Lucas’s family who live a short walk from the beach, that their session was based here.  There was a ball or two to chase, stones to skim but mostly it’s just stuff to do between the pauses in conversation.

Photograph of Teen boy on beach with family in Dorset

The long leading lines of the beach huts, reflections in shallow water and the soft cliffs hanging gently in the background made it a really beautiful place for a session.

Portraits of teen boy on beach in Dorset

Having time together when you’re not really *doing* much, not rushing to work or school or tennis lessons or anywhere at all really. Just walking. Kicking the ball. Sitting for a bit. Taking the time to talk about that stuff that’s not important but turns out to be everything.

Dorset family on the beach in spring

Being able to photograph families in these moments is so very special.  You can’t force it and you can’t rush it. You just have to give it time and space to unfurl itself.  And once that happens, you get to capture the honest portraits of your family and everything that makes them fit together as they do.

If you’d like me to take a walk with your family so we can create authentic images that call to you everytime you look up & see them on the wall in the hallway, give me a call on 07989 194574, email me at [email protected] or leave me your details here & I’ll get in touch with you to start planning your session.