St Catherine’s Hill

A glorious sundrenched, laughter filled session from St Catherine’s Hill near Christchurch to share today. Three children, their mother, a dog, a ball and me running gleefully through the trees and up the dappled paths to the top of the hill.

For me, this is the true essence of childhood. Playing carefree games only your family knows, charging through heather and gorse to your secret spot, everyone playing their role as they spin and shout with the headiness of freedom.


Into the Woods

Relaxed family photography at St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch. Walking in woods with dog

Portraits of fun

There were challenges to meet and trees to conquer and to sit in a while to take in your new view.  Balls to steal from your brothers and run away with triumphantly.

Photograph of girl laughing and in tree at St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch

And then grabbing hold of the ball as the youngest and trying to spin it, like your big brother can.  Telling disgusting hilarious jokes and laughing to yourself too much to land the punchline.

Photograph of young child playing with ball in woods at St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch

When you’ve just started secondary school, sometimes it’s nice to hang out with your mum, talking a bit about your week and letting her hug you.

Photograph of mother and son hugging at St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch children's photographs

Family portraits

Later, when you’ve all made it to that highest point, you fall in against a tree and each other. Happy in the time you’ve shared doing nothing much really.

Relaxed family photograph at St Catherine's Hill, Christchurch

If you’ve enjoyed these images and would like me to capture some of the most important moments you share with your children being unbusy, give me a call on 07989 194 574, email me on [email protected] or leave me your details below and we’ll start planning your session.

As with all my sessions, I’ll also bring examples of my print finishes so you can find what would suit your family and your home best and what you’d like your finished images to look like.

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