Getting ready { St Albans Christmas Market }

We’re getting ready. The advent calendars are in full swing (and are close to maximum bribery potential).

The tree went up yesterday, the lights are on, and it is dressed.  We’ve gone for the traditional look, which in this house involves a lot of tinsel and letting the children hang all the baubles and models from the school on it, while we sit well clear and drink tea.  And then slightly rehang everything once they’re in bed so that the tree doesn’t tip over.child Hanging Christmas baubles at home

We popped over to St Albans today to drink mulled wine, eat a sausage in a bun and have a look around the Christmas market. So lovely to see that it wasn’t just the standard ‘German market’ that seems to travel the country.  It was stuffed with local traders selling so many beautiful things.  I spotted Chloë James’ stall there amongst others (nice antlers!), but I’d love to know who else was there.

Sloe gin bottles & orange pomanders at a Christmas market

Gorgeous handmade wreathes, sloe gin and all sorts of cheeses. I tried to linger but the children dragged me off to buy them a crêpe.  Let me know if there’s someone’s work that you recognise so I can credit them.

Decorations at a Christmas Market

We’ve still got a few more presents to get and we’ve been busy learning lines for the Nativity “Moo” “A stable is no place for royalty” “What big nostrils!” “moo”.

Oh, and the food.  We need to get some food at some point too. Shh, details.