Southbourne Clifftops

Three children, two dogs and one beautiful early November morning to share with you today.  Long grasses, joyful faces, floppy ears and our gorgeous Bournemouth coastline all feature in this session.

This is exactly why I love being in Dorset. I can meet my clients at home, we take a short stroll and end up on these glorious cliff tops to use as our backdrop. The children are running along the paths and laughing, the dogs are having a sniff about and fetching balls and everyone is happy and relaxed.  And I get to capture the family just as they are in these moments of everyday joy.

Three year old Elizabeth shows us the way, laughing dancing and spinning. She’s full of questions and spark, telling me all about her family. Later, she takes charge of playing with the dogs, leading the games and knowing just what makes them happy.

Bournemouth cliff toddler girl photograph

Henry is a little shyer at first, watchful and assessing this stranger who joined their usual family walk.  Children like Henry are one of the reasons I keep my sessions loosely structured.  He doesn’t need to perform for me, we have no time pressures and we can spend as much time we need getting to know each other over the morning. He lives in the present as all toddlers do, with no thought to making pictures for tomorrow’s walls. He just cares about his family, learning and growing.

Bournemouth cliff toddler boy outdoors and laughing photograph

Elizabeth and Henry get to work, gathering and throwing the balls along the top of Southbourne cliffs. The dogs are ecstatic, the children proud of the responsibility and love being able to make them happy.   They’re a brilliant close team and it really shows.

Photograph of Toddler siblings playing outdoors with dogs in Bournemouth

I know I mentioned three children but you’ve only seen two.  Baby Florence is only seven months, the youngest of the family and a babe in arms. Here she is with her mum, watching and soaking in all the adventures of the morning while Henry takes a moment to lean and reconnect. Recharged, he gets back to the business of ball flinging.

Boy throwing ball for dogs in Bournemouth

Florence is comfortable and relaxed and loves to be included in the busy morning.  I’m certain that as soon as she’s walking, she’ll be running to join in and take her place in the games with her siblings.

Baby girl wearing a hat, held by mother

We take a moment to sit and enjoy the sun after all the running about.  Bubbles catch the light and dance in the wind bringing smiles.

Children blowing bubbles outdoors on Bournemouth clifftop

We have such amazing scenery here in Bournemouth, I adore including it in my family sessions.  The places that you walk together and spend time become part of your own family history.

Happy girl playing with dogs in Dorset


If you’d like your family to be photographed in the beautiful places where you tell your story, drop me a line on [email protected],  call me on 07989 194 574 or leave me a message here and I’ll get in touch with you to start planning your own session.

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