The Song of Summer

And just like that, the Summer is well and truly over and with a flurry of labelling, lunch boxes and learning there’s no escaping that we’re halfway through the Autumn term.  Have you caught your breath yet?

I think the whirlwind in this house is starting to settle and we’re hitting our stride with the new routines.

I’m training up my new assistant.  As soon as she can lift the camera and stopping sticking her fingers on the lens, we’ll be golden.Relaxed Child on summer holiday taking photos ice creams

My youngest has finally joined his sister at school and they both adore their new secret life away from the home.  She peeks in his classroom window at playtime, he waits for her outside the lunch hall for a sneaky cuddle and she’s the first to sing his phonics songs with him on the way home.

Children at start of term and conkersyoung child drinking hot chocolate in France

The mountain of Stuff To Sort out in the spare room has been whittled away to a small hillock and I’m finally getting some time to quietly edit my holiday pictures from the summer.

Everything was so bright, so shiny, and crikey, so so long ago.  Now we’re picking apples in the garden, collecting conkers and I seem to have pocket full of pine cones all the time (just me?)  I am in love with the light at the moment.  It’s warm, rich and soft.  It’s so incredibly flattering and it’s giving everything such a great glow, I can’t help but smile as we bundle back and forth to school.

And just in time for Halloween, we have scary teeth to rival any pumpkin.

Child's gappy teeth photograph

Despite the warmth, there’s a little something in the wind to let you know that w   inter’s not far behind.  If you’d like to book a photo session with your children before the madness of the December catches up with us, drop me a line or at [email protected] or give me a call on 07989 194 574 and we can have a chat about how you’d like to be photographed.

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