Every day love & giving back

Ahh Valentine’s Day. Never my favourite holiday.

It was such a source of anxiety through the years when the doormat was first full of bills for my parents and later bills for me but almost never any cards.  These days, I’m married with small children so I’ve got the perfect excuse not to eat an overpriced set meal just because it’s February.  Instead, we might open a slightly nicer bottle of wine and quietly ignore each other while we read, rather than ignoring each other watching TV.  Special.

I still think love is a thing to celebrate but it’s much broader than Buy-A-Card-and-Chocolates. It’s about sharing moments, keeping those memories of the time you spend together. It’s the every day that’s significant.  And that’s never more true than with small children. It’s the special pebbles they collect, the pile of sticks by the front door, the cards they make and their icy little feet when they come into bed far too early in the morning.  No, maybe not that last one.

Clay heart made by a child

I want to share the love.  I want to help you photograph the every day of your family. I want to help you get comfortable with your camera and I want to make it easy for you.

Every week, from now until Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be offering free advice mornings. If you’ve got a new camera for Christmas, or maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to make sure you take more pictures of your children, or maybe you’re a bit stuck with what’s going wrong, come and chat to me.

I’m going to be in Miriam’s Munchies in Harrow every Wednesday morning from 10am – 12 noon drinking coffee. Come bring your camera, your manual (seriously, please),  your photos and your questions. Bring your children if they’re with you, it’s all good. You don’t need to book

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