Take me to the river…

….drop me in the water.  No,  not Billy the Big mouth Bass here (there’s an age test for you), but time to share some riverside images of a delicious day in the summer.

I can’t believe it was ever warm enough to wander about without my furry boots on, let alone spend a whole day in the water.  Ah, but this was back in the summer, back when it was too hot and too sunny to have much fun taking pictures in the park. On days like this,  the best place to practice lifts photograph children is in the water, so we headed down to the river to cool off for our family photo session.

Y has just turned 6. She’s full of that carefree lightness of a younger child; always safe in the knowledge that there’s someone else in charge, someone else to tread the path for you. She’s also got an amazing eye for fashion with a leopard print dress and pink tulle.  I know.

Portrait photograph of girl with willow

E is 7.  He has amazing freckles, is most certainly the big brother, is a little shy and a little too cool for this.  At first, anyway.  But he’s charming and polite and once he realises that he’s not going to be made to stand and smile ‘just so’, things go swimmingly (I’m sorry, I LIKE puns).

portrait of boy laughing at riverside with willows

It took a little while for E&Y to take the plunge (can’t stop, won’t stop) & venture into the water.  You can do anything though, if someone’s there to hold your hand.  The stream was about a foot deep at most, with long banks, some reeds at the far side and a willow tree here and there. We paddled, we waded, and of course, we splashed.  A lot.

photograph of children playing in the river family photo session

An amazing way to spend one of the hottest days of the year. A wonderful photo session.  Thank you so much L&R, and the fantastic E&Y.

riverside child photography siblings family

If you’d like me to photograph your family at their most natural, let’s meet up for a chat.  You can call me on 07989 194 574, drop me a line, or email me on [email protected].  I can’t promise heatwaves right now, but we can have a great time enjoying the seasons as they are.


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