Hunting for fairies in the woods

The temperature’s might be fooling us, but Autumn is definitely here, even if it feels like Summer in the afternoons.  There’s a chill and a freshness in the air in the mornings and this week’s homework has asked us to collect leaves, conkers and acorns for the class art project. And the light, oh the light is just so rich.

It’s the perfect time to head into the woods with the children and stomp about.  The rich colours turn into an incredible backdrop and the spaces in the canopy just lets the sunlight stream through and fill up the spaces. I just had to share this gorgeous family I photographed last Autumn.

This is Martha, charging ahead of us to lead us.  She’d been here before and was dying to show me what there was to find in the woods in Oxhey. We managed to convince her to wait for little sister, Tess, and her mum to catch up & we strolled in together.

outdoor autumn child photography

She strolled for a little while, at least….

I SO loved her confidence and excitement and to see her lead the family to where they needed to be.

Tess wasn’t quite as bold, to start with.  She took a little while to take a horse for a gallop along a bench, but she was soon hunting acorns & showing me her prizes.

outdoor child portrait in woods with acorns

And my favourite part is where we get everyone together. And as part of this amazing sculpture trail in Oxhey, they’ve even provided an armchair for cuddling up.


outdoor child photography siblings sisters & mother in woodland

I’m booking my Autumn sessions for around the next 6 weeks (this session was shot in November last year), so if you’d like your  family photographs to be full of rich colours and woodland light, get in touch through heredrop me an email to [email protected] or call me on 07989 194 574 and we can talk about the session that would suit you best.


We might even find fairies….

Child portrait outdoor photography session with fairy houses

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