Shiny bright term & new school uniform

That’s it, we’re back to school.

New shoes bought, new uniform laid out, PE kit washed & packed, lunch bags found. All done by last night. Pretty smug. Nice & smooth start to the term. We’ll leave extra early, have a gentle stroll in, time for a few pictures while they’re looking a) clean and b) fresh from their break.

New school uniform photograph

My morning went something like this:

Good morning children. Oh look, you’re dressed already. Squeeeeeezze. Wearing your new shoes in the bedroom. Yes I know you’re ready but it’s 6.30am. We don’t need our shoes on just yet.
Can we swap jumpers, there’s toothpaste on this one. Let’s get a nice clean one from your… floor. Ok, so you had a good rummage in the cupboard when you got dressed, I see.
Come here, let me wipe your face.  Because you’ve got yoghurt in your eyebrows. No, I don’t know how either. Ok you wash it and I’ll check after, just in case.
Let’s pack the lunch… why are there only 4 bottles? Ah yes, in the car.
Ack we didn’t label the new coats. Ok, who’s got a pen, it’ll do for now. It can have a proper label at the weekend (we all know it’ll never happen).
Can you both just stand on the doorstep for a second while I get a photograph for Nanny? Without the helmets? With your faces showing?
Please take the PE bag from round your sister’s neck, she doesn’t like it. No really, she doesn’t. That’s why she’s making that squawking noise. Take it off anyway.  Ok, I’ll take it, let’s just go then…

We biked & scooted into school with all the bags and hardly anyone ran into the road.  2 children, 2 different playgrounds to line up in, with the Big one starting Junior School and the Small one moving to Year 1. Noone looks familiar, there are 6 sets of spots for lining up on and Smallest is fraught not knowing where he has to be. Oh and they changed his colour group too.

It’s always like this, the energy is bubbling over at the start of the school year and I know that standing still for any sort of photograph is just a delay that they don’t see the need for.Photograph of children in new school uniform in a field

There’s a magic in the start of term though. Everything is fresh and new. So much promise and sparkle and they’ve got secrets to share and stories to tell.  I love seeing them like this. The uniform marks them out as belonging to their first community away from the home as they start to grow into themselves. I want to see more than the uniform though, I want to see their giggles and play. I want to see them relaxed, showing their personalities and light. And I know I never get this on the first day of term, no matter how I plan.

Photograph of children in new school uniform in a lavender field

So yesterday, we took the brand new uniform and went for a walk with the camera. No rush, no time pressures, no forced posing but just a playful hour taking photographs.

Photograph of children in new school uniform in a field

I’ve decided to open up a few weekend taster sessions over this month just so we can capture the buzz of these first weeks of term. These sessions will be half-sized because I know it’s a busy time of year.  They will include up to an hour of the photoshoot and you’ll have around 10  fully edited final images to choose to have your prints made from.

Like all my portrait sessions, you’ll have the full range of wall prints in fine art papers, canvases, acrylics or metal prints available to order, and all wall prints come with the digital image for you to keep.

Give me a call on 07989 194 574 or email [email protected] to book one of my six taster sessions.


Photograph of child in new school uniform laughing in a field

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