The New Forest in the autumn

A personal post

My children have been complaining again.  They tell me that I’m behind on my family album production.  They’re right.

With a group of photographer friends, I take part in a Photo A Day project.  We’ve been doing it for 10 years now and while I’ve never managed a full 365, it does mean I have hard drives full of our daily lives.  It makes sure that I record the tiny details of our family lives, the context to our stories. We watch the seasons change in the background. We watch us all grow, half of us growing up, all of us growing older.

Every year, I start to review these tens of thousands of images and knit them together to tell our story of our year and make them into that year’s album. These albums are my children’s most faithful bedtime companions. They read their own stories over and again, seeing themselves evolving through the years.  Getting to know their toddler selves again.  Thinking about the day and week just gone. Getting ready to write their next chapter.

So, as instructed, I’ve being edited and starting the mammoth task of compiling the 200+ pages for 2016.

I really wanted to share this though. It was one of those perfect light days back in November and we dragged the children out to the Tall Trees trail by Rhinefield House out in Brockenhurst in the New Forest.

NEw Forest autumn colours photograph backlit sunlight

We had big coats and wellies, and Fred wore a hat my sister had at his age. We found some VERY big sticks that we had to haul along the paths.  (I sometimes wonder if he’s really a labrador.)

New Forest Autumn colours boy with large stick

The trees just went on for miles. Glowing copper oak leaves and tiny mushrooms amongst the leaf bed.

NEw Forest autumn colours photograph backlit beech leaves sunlight & mushroom

All this and the warmest richest light all afternoon.

NEw Forest autumn colours & girl with long hair

And with enough bribery, I managed to get them to stand together and face the same direction. Trust me, it’s a minor miracle for a photographer’s children.

New Forest autumn colours sibling children

And all of this is why when I photograph your family,  I give you fully finished printed images.

You don’t need to find an album that will fit everything in trying to work out if the album is metric and the lab prints using imperial measurements. You don’t need to work out how to put the story of the day together. You don’t need to spend hours wrestling software & websites. You just need to choose the images that make your heart sing and I’ll give you an album of images that will last until you’re telling your grandchildren about their parent’s childhood.  You just get to enjoy your family.


If you’d like to book a portrait session for your children, call me on 07989 194 574, email me on [email protected] or leave me a message here and we’ll start planning your family’s session.




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