Mini Sessions, Major Smiles

One of my recent batch of mini sessions, and I’m so glad to be able to show these to you.

I don’t often run mini sessions because I really love taking things slowly with the families I work with. Many children don’t respond well to being rushed and having a time limit can make things a little pressured for everyone. For families who are just looking for a couple of images to update their current galleries, they can work really well.  The children know me already and have an idea of what’s going to happen and we can get on with playing straight away.

I ran some mini sessions in September so that my families could make the most of that great rich light and add some Autumnal images to their collections.

Firstly we burnt off a bit of energy charging up the hill and playing in the trees.  It’s much easier to capture smiles once they’re not going at a hundred miles an hour.

September 28, 2014-17 September 28, 2014-122


We took some time to look for treasures on the forest floor, collecting sticks, leaves acorns and conkers …and persuaded F that she could leave the mouldy ones behind “Ooh look, this one’s blue!”

September 28, 2014-55

September 28, 2014-52


And while I’m normally all about the colours, sometimes an image just needs the simplicity of black and white and this has become one of my favourite images from the year.

Monochrome child in woods


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