Making people cry: Things my client said

It’s not usually what we aim for when we get up in the morning, is it?

A little while after our sessions, I like to ask my clients how they felt things went. I want to make sure that I’m giving you the best service that I can.  I know what makes a beautiful image, and I can see when a person’s character is shining though, but these images are not for me. I want to be sure that I give you portraits of your family, exactly as they are, exactly as you will remember them. I want to make sure you have portraits that fit in your home, that add to your life, that lift you when you see then.

School boy portrait in woods

So I got an email from Rachel.  Seems I made her cry.  But then she made me cry too when I read it, so I think that’s ok.

Here it is:

“I’ve watched Mei’s photographs for a long time.  And the photos are so evocative – you could practically smell the autumn leaves, feel the sun on your own skin (despite it being the depths of winter), feel the velvety texture of the flowers they are playing with. To have such amazing photos full of the moments captured just the way they were – you cannot put a price on it.

The only thing I was worried about before the shoot was my kids being their normal, stroppy, uncooperative selves! If my kids set their mind to it, they won’t do anything other than what they want to.  I was looking forward to seeing Mei and seeing what magic she could work with my children. If anyone could charm them it would be her.
During the session it was incredibly relaxed. We just followed the kids around and watched them darting about to see things that took their fancy, the trees, the wildlife, the horse that was obligingly placed at the end of the lane. Any minor stroppiness melted away upon production of a chocolate chip biscuit each (I hadn’t brought them, Mei had – she certainly knows how to mount a charm offensive with my kids, at least). I liked the way a couple of images of me with the kids were taken – I’m normally the amateur behind the camera, trying to catch the light, the moments of them being utterly themselves while not completely covered in chocolate/dirt or wearing someone else’s pants in a novel fashion on their head. If someone looked at the photo albums they’d almost think they were motherless – I’m just never in those pictures.
 Brother and sister photography with mother
When I saw the pictures, to be honest, I cried. I cried because I’m fiercely proud of my kids. Of their marvellous little personalities, of their inquisitiveness, of their beautiful, crystal blue eyes (not my doing, mine are the colour of the Thames at Westminster – complete with floating brown bits), their velvety soft skin, the smile that lights up their faces. What made me cry was the fact that it was all there. Every single thing about them that I know and love – it was there, shining out of Mei’s pictures. They are a brilliant representation of my gorgeous children. Even the biscuit crumbs.
 Relaxed Toddler photography with horse
It’s taken me so long to get around to writing this review because I couldn’t put it into words how good the images are. They were beyond my expectations. So much so that I’ve found it difficult to explain. Words don’t quite do them justice.
I would happily recommend a shoot with Mei. The thoughtfulness, the keen eye for detail, and the just letting kids be kids. It’s a little bit of magic she does.”

If you’d like me to photograph your family, not just their faces but their personalities as well, let’s meet up for a chat.  You can call me on 07989 194 574, drop me a line, or email me on [email protected] and I’ll do my very very best to make sure any crying is the happy sort.