So crazy in love: Linen albums

…got me looking, got me looking so crazy in love….

So this arrived, and I knew it was going to be good but seeing the album that I wanted with my images in made it incredible. I could hear Beyonce singing as I unwrapped it.

“I look and stare so deep in your eyes; I touch on you more and more every time”

First of all the colour.  The tones are amazingly deep and rich.  I’d seen the usual safe choices at the trade show so I wanted to see how they handled something more usual, so I can be sure that whichever colour you pick, it’s going to be amazing.  I love it.

Heirloom linen album

The cover is wrapped beautifully in a high grade  linen so it’s both tactile and durable. Just as well as I can’t stop stroking it. It almost purrs under my fingers.   The attention to the finish at the binding and corners is completely spot on. It’s exactly as it should be.

Oh, and the album title is laser etched onto the front, just to finish it off perfectly.

Heirloom linen photograph album

Inside, it gets even better.  The pages are a matt photographic paper, indulgently thick and with excellent reproduction quality of your images. Almost impossible for a toddler to tear, although tooth marks might be a problem if someone got a bit chewy.  The pages are bound so that they lie flat and let you see the whole image.   No need to fold the pages back and crack the spine (please no) to make it stay open.  The weight and the binding style allow you to take in the album at your own pace.  Images join effortlessly across the seam.  To really test them, I printed an image across a double page spread.  Perfectly unnoticeable, just as you would expect.

Heirloom linen photograph album


There we are then, a beautiful option for when you just can’t choose between the images.  You can have up to 20 pages so there’s plenty of space to include those perfect character images that make you laugh and are so important  but perhaps aren’t right for a large wall display. You know the ones I mean. Something to take to Great Grandma’s house and put in her lap so she take them all in at her own pace.

Not a great teething aid though.