La vie en lavande

Something about the warm of the sun and hum of the bees makes me think of Louis’s trumpet. Not quite La vie en rose, although there are some pink lavenders amongst the sea of purple.

Child at a lavender farm

Perhaps it’s that we’re off to France soon, and I’m excited about perhaps seeing more fields of purple.  By the time I come back, our UK sunflowers should be out in the field too, and I’ll be ready to capture those gorgeous late August yellows and oranges as the Summer starts to mellow into September colours.Child in lavender field

I love this location so much and so do all the children I photograph here. The rows and the hill are great for running, and the scent really is magical.  We found a fab little green caterpillar  to say hi too.

Child in lavender field with catepillar

If you’d like a lavender session, we’ll need to book it in quickly as the Summer and those gorgeous purple blooms will be over in a flash. Get in touch here, drop me an email to [email protected] or give me a call on 07989 194 574 and I’ll do my utmost to squeeze you in.

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