Jago: Newborn baby at home

Oh this post makes me so happy.

You might remember Jago: Part 1 , our gorgeous maternity photography session in the woods?  Well as great as it was, we didn’t really meet Jago properly, so I was thrilled when Frankie & Mark invited me back to photograph the boy himself as he settled into his home.  At 6 weeks, he was just coming out of his very sleepy newborn days and starting to soak up the world.  Just look at that face!

December 07, 2014-36_1_WEB

It’s not just Mama-love though, you can see he adores Daddy too and that he’s completely adored.

December 07, 2014-50_1_WEB

After a while, he needed some time to unwind, and stare out of the Big Window (a favourite activity) and the perfect spot for him was on his very special handmade blanket, already an heirloom. Then more cuddling, nursing. It was a very busy morning for a baby.

December 07, 2014-121_1_WEB

Big blue baby eyes in a sleepy face, and delicious nibbly toes…

December 07, 2014-217_WEB

… is it any wonder his parents gaze at him like this?

Honestly, their faces just make me melt.  A new baby makes a new type of parent.

December 07, 2014-22 copy WEB

If you’d like me to photograph your family welcoming your newborn baby into your home, give me a call on 07989 194 574, email me [email protected], or leave your details here & I’ll get in touch.  I know that life with newborns can be such a whirlwind and it can be really hard to plan your time, so I visit you and we just hang out drinking tea and chatting while I photograph your new family coming together.

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