Halloween in Headstone Manor & Studland

Phew,  finally a few minutes to blog and I want to share some personal images this time.

We were still having that last taste of warm weather over half term so we headed down to the coast at Studland. By the time we made it out to the beach, the sun had gone and the mists rolled in, making the sea disappear into the sky and flattening the sound around us.  Even though it was still warm, we had all this space to ourselves apart from a handful of dogwalkers… all the way to the horizon that had vanished into the sky.  The sea was so still that we taught the children to skim stones on it.

Studland beach photography

The quiet seemed to seep into the photographs too, I love the sense of calm and ease that floats up.  It’s a real reminder of how the landscape and environment affects your mood and why I think it’s so important to get outside when you have photographs taken.


Studland child beach photography

Studland child beach photography

And yes, I promised Halloween so here is all the colour and costume of Halloween. Nanny & Granddad outdid themselves making us a feast of spider cakes, licorice bats, and lots of old fingers (both sausage & chocolate). We were even lucky enough to find a witch helping with the washing up.

October 30, 2014-52_WEB

The main event was the scary afternoon at Headstone Manor.  We missed out on the spooky tour of the Manor House itself, but I think some people in my family were secretly relieved. There had been a bit of bravado from the eldest, followed by some anxious questions about whether the ghosts would be real or not.  Instead, they had a fine old time running about in masks, hats and costumes and spotting letters on pumpkins throughout the grounds.


November 01, 2014-61_WEB


If you’d like me to photograph your family in their natural habitat (with or without masks), drop me a line  at [email protected], call me on 07989 194 574 or leave your details here and I’ll get back to you to plan your session.

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