Hairy Babies! Dorset Dogs

Something a bit different for you today.  Something with just as much energy as my usual toddlers, but a great deal hairier and definitely FAR more licking: a gorgeous set of Dorset dogs.

Not long after we’d moved to Southbourne, I got a call to ask if I could help out with a new charity that was being set up: the Staffie & Stray Rescue. Based in Ferndown, Calli & Aimee adored their (3, now 4!) Staffordshire Bull Terriers and were heartbroken at the way these dogs had been portrayed as aggressive & dangerous dogs. Even more upsetting was the result this had on the way the dogs were often treated, leading them to being neglected, abused and left homeless.  The Staffie & Stray Rescue works hard to good, loving homes for these gorgeous dogs, finding them foster homes wherever possible and raising money to make sure they are well cared for.

So back in September, I found myself overwhelmed with dogs. As a recently ex-Londoner, I didn’t really know many people with dogs, let alone Staffies with their fearsome reputation.  Over the course of the following hours, I met around 15 dogs, all Staffies but thankfully not all at once.

In ones and twos and more, they came through to the garden where we were holding the session. We said hello to each other, they explored and stretched their limbs, had some snacks and hung out with their families.  Then once everyone was relaxed, I took photographs. Actually not at all that different from my normal sessions. Just with more hair.

Look at these beautiful smiles, aren’t they just adorable?


By the time it was time to go home, I was overwhelmed in a different way. These were such gentle and affectionate animals, it was hard not to fall for them a little bit.

If you’re looking for a hairy buddy to hang out with though, could I give you a gentle nudge to consider a Staffie and have a look at those dogs who need a new home to be a part of?  They’ll give you a huge amount of love back.


You can email them on [email protected],  call them in office hours on: 07450 207417 or have a look at their website here:


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