Displaying your photographs: Traditional frames

Where are your favourite family photographs?

  • On an email?
  • On that USB by the computer that you keep nearly putting your tea down on?
  • I printed them! They’re, umm, in an envelope in the kitchen.
  • Leaning against the bedroom wall until I can work out what size mount I want and a frame to fit them?
  • Up on the wall by the kitchen table / top of the stairs / in the living room where I can see them every day so you can see them, pause, and remember just how awesome my family really is (especially on days when that’s hard to remember)?

I want to make it as easy for you as I can for you to get to the joyful final position.  We’ll go through your images together and I’ll help you put your favourites together into a balanced collection for you.  I’ve got a wide variety of different finishing styles for you ranging from traditional framing to modern & contemporary finishes so you can choose what suits your home and your taste best. I’ll bring these all to your home so you can see them in your own space and work out which sizes would fit in your space.

Aged frame fine art photograph

I’m going to put a post up about each of my favourite finishes but I’m going to start with traditional framing as that’s most familiar to people. You probably already have framed images hanging on your walls and using a similar style can make sure everything sits together beautifully.

Fine art printing

My framed images start with highly pigmented Giclée prints on fine art cotton papers. These are heavyweight and matt prints which are acid free unlike normal papers meaning that they’re designed for longevity.  They’re mounted on conservation grade mounts to support and protect the print further.

Archival mounted fine art photograph


The frames are hand made to order, from sleek metallic narrow frames to rich dark woods with gold inner frames.
This is one of my favourites though.  It’s a reclaimed timber, with a wash of paints in relaxed whites, sand, greys and this wonderful dark bluegreys.

When you have your prints made, I’ll hep you to choose the right colour frame for the image and the space it will be hung in.

Aged wooden photograph frame

Each frame is slightly different giving it an organic character and an easy charm.

hand finished wooden photo frame
To book a session with me, and finally see your family photographs on the wall,  give me a call on 07989 194 574, email me on [email protected] or leave me your details below and we’ll start planning your session.

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