Dilly Dilly: The lavender fields session

Lavender’s almost finished being green and it’s starting to turn blue (dilly dilly)

I’m so excited.  I love lavender season. I was introduced to a brilliant lavender farm a couple of years ago and now I count the days through the winter until I can go back to take photographs there.

Children in lavender fields

There’s a gentle rolling hill and looong rows of lavender to run between and fill your head with perfume and sun.  Even the bees are mellow and drowsy and their hum just adds to the relaxing atmosphere  (and don’t worry, I’ve never known them to pay attention to anything other than their giant bee buffet).Running in lavender

Just to round everything off, there’s a great café with homemade snacks and cakes to tempt the children back out of the field and into the car.  And *whispers* the children slept WELL that night.

Children lavender fields with butterfly

The lavender’s only in flower for a few weeks over the Summer, so if you’d like to make the most of this amazing setting, drop me a quick line and I’ll book your session in for you to make sure we can get it at its best.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more Marillion to belt out and scare my children with.


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