Dill & Mint garden products

The sun is finally shining and everything in the garden is thriving so it’s time to share some of these gorgeous bug & bird houses from a local garden product shop: Dill & Mint.  They’re just starting up but they knew they wanted their products to be photographed in a garden full of life rather than a sterile studio. I knew just the spot for it so we set up & took an afternoon drinking tea enjoying the natural light and colours and the scent of the roses.

They’ve got some really great bird, butterfly, bug and bee houses with smart painted roofs in heritage colours that blend beautifully in a classic British garden.  They’re all made with FSC approved woods and sustainable bamboos.

Garden product photography

There are contemporary bee houses with galvanised steel roofs for in case you have more modern bees in your garden. I loved the way they blend with long grasses.

Garden product photography

And they’ve also got some really elegant painted herb pot planters and trios of pots for a super smart windowsill and balcony to show off your flowers & herbs.  They’re coated in enamel paints and have removable hooks to make them easier to store over winter.

Garden products photograph

It’s always hard to get a sense of scale when shopping for products online and their customers love being able to see their products out in the real world where they’ll end up to get a proper feeling of context.  It’s less of a mental jump to see these products in your own garden, planted with your own choice of colours and textures, and peeking out in the borders when the wind blows.

If you’re a small Dorset business and you’d like some more interesting lifestyle images of your products, give me a call on 07989 194 574, email me on [email protected] or get in touch over here and we can plan the perfect authentic backdrop for your products.

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