Corfe Castle extended family

A larger than normal blog post for a larger than normal family session!

It was one of those perfect early Autumn days here in Dorset when the light is soft and warm and while it wasn’t quite beach weather, it was exactly right for playing in fields and trees.  Alison was making the most of half term and had brought all her children, grandchildren, puppies and older family dogs to a farmhouse just outside Corfe Castle.  And while everyone was together and having a great time on holiday, Alison invited me to spend the morning with them all.

Amelie, Isabel & Oscar

Amelie is 8 and is the big sister of the group, leaping over mushrooms and cartwheeling across the lawn.  She jumps out from behind trees and spins in the sunshine. Isobel is 5 and is thoughtful and gentle. She makes fairy dens and loves to play with Aunt Kate and magical teazles.  Oscar is their little brother and is 2. He loves to run after his sisters and join in with their games.

We piled everyone onto an old tree stump and told silly jokes while we peeked through the ivy.

Corfe Castle family portrait outside on a treePretty impressive leaping, right?

Corfe castle girl leaping pumpkin joy

Smiling in the Dorset sunshine, with snacks

Corfe Castle toddler with bubbles

Taking time in the fairy tree and the magical light.

Corfe Castle magical girl portrait outside in a tree

Bluebell & Max

Bluebell is her family’s big sister and is also 5. She is quietly self assured and confident in her own space.

Corfe Castle reserved girl in tree

Max is (now) just 2, a little shy at first but inquisitive.  He loves carefully playing with bubbles and while he’s Bluebell’s little brother for the moment, he’s soon going to be a big brother too.

Corfe Castle toddler portrait outside

The family are such a team together.Corfe castle family portrait outside by tree


The cousins took some time out to have big discussions on their bench and play with horses and dinosaurs.

Corfe Castle child cousins playing in garden

The wind came up a little later and we had hot chocolate and there were warm coats for children.  The coat for the enormous pumpkin was a bit of a surprise but Amelie told me it was necessary.Cousins in coats at Corfe Castle

William & Monty

William at 12 was the eldest of all and clearly much more of a grown up. He was a great assistant, keen to learn how to work my beast of a camera and romp about with his favourite dog.

Monty joined us at almost lunchtime because when you’re 10 and your rugby team needs you, well what can you do? Being 10, he went straight up the nearest tree, which was completely fine with me.

Corfe Castle family with dogAlison

Finally, Alison herself and her gorgeous almost-puppy.  He’s a handsome flat haired retriever, bouncing and smiling his way around the family.

Flat haired retriever puppy Corfe Castle


If you’re visiting Dorset with your extended family and would like to have some warm, natural photographs taken where you can be yourselves, or even if you’re on a permanent holiday here, give me a call on 07989 194 574, email me on [email protected] or leave me your details here and I’ll get in touch with you about planning your family’s session.

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