Cake & camera drop ins | Velo Dom, Southbourne

Who’s up for this?

Photography advice: Cake & camera drop in at Velo Domestique in Southbourne, Dorset

I’m going to be hanging out in Velo Dom in Southbourne tomorrow morning (201th January 17) and for every Friday until half term to drink coffee, eat cake and talk about cameras with anyone who wants to.

If you got a new camera this Christmas or you’ve dragged an old one out of the cupboard and you want some help figuring it out, bring it along.

If you’re getting frustrated with your images and want to some help making them better, come along.

If you want to buy a new camera or lenses, let’s figure out your options together.

If you’ll have small people with you, bring them along too.
It’s going to very informal, there’s no format, you don’t need to book, and there’s no fee. Just come and drink coffee with me.

Bring your camera (and manual if you have it!), your images and your questions.

Friday morning, 10-12. Velo Dom.
20th Jan – 10th Feb


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