Butterfly Girl

It’s the Summer holidays and that means the luxury of family days and picnics  without the flurry of school runs.

My children adore Butterfly World.  We went twice last year and it was top of their list places to go this Summer.

There is of course a butterfly house, filled with exotic wings and enormous butterflies that will land on you if you’re calm and brightly coloured enough.  Just as fascinating is the display of leafcutter ants, making their way with their collected crops across rope bridges from their food store to their colony. There’s also an insect study centre where you can examine and handle a range of creepy crawlies and learn about their habits.

Butterfly World gardens

Our favourite parts are the gardens.  There are about 20 small rooms of designer gardens and unlike Chelsea, the children are welcome to investigate, run through and peer into the plants and structures.  We found a small pool with tadpoles on the verge of becoming frogs and an enormous luminous green caterpillar.  There are enchanted gardens where the plants have taken over a house, and an enormous giant sized flowerpot.  And there are flowers everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Inventive urban gardens at Butterfly world

If this isn’t enough, there’s a naturalistic playground, with willow tunnels and rope bridges too.

Outdoor child photographs exploring the natural world

For me though, this was the best bit.  Photographers’ children know all the tricks. They can spot a camera in their peripheral vision and avoiding it is almost a reflex reaction to them. Grace is a seasoned pro and uses hats, hair and her brother to hide behind. I have folders and folders of images with her tongue sticking out or roaring at me.  Almost every photo I have of her where she is relaxed has been taken by other professional photographers.

Natural outdoor child portrait

This is my girl, exactly as I see her, and it makes my heart swoon to see her.

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