Beautiful Hand Crafts

Sometimes it’s nice to have a session where you don’t have to chase anyone. There was still plenty of clambering about and having to squat, but this lot definitely stayed still.

Product photography

Christina from Little Hungarian Hearts had joined me back in the early spring for one of my Cake & Camera drop ins to learn how to improve her product photography.  We went through a few of the technical details, what some of the buttons on her camera did and some general composition and that kept her Etsy site ticking over nicely.

This summer, with a new website to launch and a whole bundle of freshly sourced products, we thought it might be quicker for her if we had a product session so that she knew she had a good stock of solid images to work with.

Christina wanted some images with a little more character than the standard studio imagery and we loved the light at Velo so it seemed natural that we started the session there.

Hand embroidery

There are adorable animal decorations with bunnies, puppies, kittens and the very traditional cockerel too. There are pre-cut heart kits with templates ready for you to embroider yourself, and hand painted wooden decorations in traditional colours and designs.

Hand made embroidery from Hungary decorations

Indigo printed table linens

I loved these indigo table linens, again printed by hand and with delicate patterns or bold tulips in line drawings. Great intense colours

Indigo hand made table linen from Hungary

Transylvanian “Iras” embroidery

These distinctive styles and patterns of embroidery are very special.  It is a very traditional art form in Romania and Christina has sourced these from a local women’s collective.  There are joyful cushion covers and napkins that can be drawn together to keep your bread rolls warm at dinner.  Who could resist?


Red Hungarian embroidery cushions and napkins

Hand painted eggs

The detail on these is breathtaking. Delicate mouthblown eggs that are then hand painted in both traditional designs and complex floral patterns, they make beautiful decorations for centrepieces and celebrations.

hand painted hungarian eggs on white tree

White linens

And then there are these elegant white on white embroidered linens, perfect for summer days and the most incredible detail on the edging.

Craft product photography White hand embroidered table linen from Hungary

If you love these, get in touch with Christina at Little Hungarian Hearts and I’m sure she’d be able to put some aside for you.


If you’ve got a Bournemouth business and you’d like some help sorting out your product photographs so you can get on with the parts of the business you enjoy, I’d be happy to help you out.

Drop me an email on [email protected] or call me on 07989 194574 to discuss what you need.