Beachhuts and ballet portraits

Today we’re all about Evie’s session. She’s a BMX riding, ballet dancing, fast running, wilderness loving kind of girl.

Her family’s in Christchurch and they’re often all spending their afternoons and long summer’s evenings with their friends at Hengistbury Head. It seemed the perfect location for Evie and her family to be photographed.   We left the BMX behind and ran off some of the super fizzy excitement along the clifftops and jumping down to the beach, before the headland rose up and gave us a ready made look out for the family to spot boats at sea.


Clifftops and grasses

The eldest of three, she’s a brilliant big sister to Isabel and Elliott. Together they’re a strong tribe of three, with both Evie and Isabel comfortable taking the lead on their adventures through the gorse and grasses. Elliott’s happy to take a hand and see where they end up.

Christchurch children photographs on clifftops by the beach


Beach hut portraits

We made it round to the Mudeford spit beach huts and while everyone else lingered over their snacks and drinks, Evie and I sat on the beach and chatted. It seemed an appropriate spot, where you can see in all directions to talk about futures.  So many possible paths on from here: some of them scrambling uphill through woods to find secrets and views; some gentle shady walks along the shore listening to the birds; and some that with a boat and a bit of knowledge, you could even sail off to distant lands.  Or maybe just go the long way home again.

Older child portrait by mudeford spit beach huts


Woodland portraits

The light in the woods was magical and when we’d planned this session, we’d spoken about including dance somehow in Evie’s photographs. The ground was a little rough and there wasn’t enough space to comfortably dance but it was definitely the right space to think and talk about how movement and art can bring joy and unlock new things. Her shoes and their ribbons are so important to her that just holding them and talking about her dancing relaxed her.  If she ever starts a band, I think one of these could be the first album cover.

Natural child portrait with woodland and ballet shoes


The whole family

This session was to focus on Evie but she wouldn’t be who she is and who she might be without her family. We went back to join them and got everyone huddled up together again.

Christchurch family portraits

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