Oooh Baby Bay-by: Back to lavender

The funky colours in this last session took me right back to my Salt-N-Pepa days, becoming a teenager at the end of the 80s when colour was everywhere before grunge hit.

This was my first lavender session of the season and I was thrilled to have a pair of gorgeous redheads to photograph.

Meet Felix. He’s 10 months old and he’d been almost napping in the car when we met, so we took him for a little walk around and his mama and I had tea and cake while he dozed.  I know, it’s such a difficult job some days.

photograph of baby lavender field

He was a little unsure when he woke up but the lavender plants worked their magic and they were just the right height for a spot of peekaboo.

Lavender baby photography

Like most of my clients, Felix’s Mama was really reluctant to get out in front of the camera but I coaxed a little and I’m so glad she did.

I’ll blog about this properly later but this is something I feel SO passionate about.  I know you want beautiful pictures of your children so you can show them what they looked like at an age they can’t remember. Your children will want to see you for exactly the same reason. They will ask for the pictures of you, they want to know your shared history.  It’s important to be there in their pictures.

photograph of baby in a wild flower meadow

I completely get that life with under 5s isn’t terribly glamourous a lot of the time and you might not feel ready to be captured, but life with children is rarely neat and perfect. It IS glorious though.

Just look at the love and tenderness in these moments. Looks pretty perfect to me.

Mother & baby in a lavender field

Please get in touch soon if you think you might like lavender session for your family as it doesn’t last long and I promise, the summer will flash by.  You can email [email protected] or call me on 07989 194 574.

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