Baby Brights: Arthur at home

Meet Arthur.

When Arthur was born, his parents really wanted some professional photographs of him, but … well they had a newborn baby and when you have a newborn baby, often you’re very busy with not a lot happening that the baby doesn’t specifically request (loudly).

5 months on, they’ve caught their breath and they’re having lots of fun, so they invited me round.

The morning was full of Arthur’s sunny smiles, his funky baby grow and brightly coloured toys.  He especially loves this playmat and he’s just working out just how to reach things.  I love this stage where they stare so intently at all of their surroundings.  Everything is a puzzle to unlock and a mystery to solve. And that just makes the joy when they finally realise how to use their hands and to change their world so much sweeter.


He thinks Daddy plays great games and giggles with glee.

He’s almost ready to crawl…


But it gets frustrating when you have big plans, so Mummy is there for cuddles.


And so is Daddy.


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