Autumn Glow

I had a call from a family who’d seen my At 6’s & 7’s project sessions and were coming down to Bournemouth for the last few days of the summer holidays.    We talked about how much all the children had changed over the long break, especially John who’d started secondary school that year.  It made them realise quite how fast everything was happening and so we squeezed in a last minute session in a spare morning.

The children arrived stressed and hungry from an early start and a long journey. They were understandably reluctant to spend one of their remaining days of freedom sitting around having their photos taken.

Because I only book on one session a day, we had plenty of time to stop for some emergency chips in the cafe and a bit of a chat to get to know each other better.  Restored to their normal selves, we were ready to go exploring and as usual I let the children lead the journey.

The Children

They ran off into the woods and up into the trees, pulling at each other’s arms and laughing with glee.

Photography of children playing together in Bournemouth park

The Portraits

Mary explored the tiny paths through the heather, ferns and bracken. Autumn came quietly creeping in at the edges, bringing in tones of yellows, rich browns and purples.

Photograph of a child walking along a woodland path in Bournemouth

David wanted to make his mark by running away and hiding his face whenever he saw the camera raised. He was determined that I wouldn’t be able to take his photograph and if I did, he wouldn’t be enjoying himself. Luckily, I’m both sneaky and patient so I still captured a little of that mischief and fun that lit up his face.

Photograph of child on a walk outdoors in Bournemouth

John is definitely moving more into the orbit of the adults than the children and spent the session moving smoothly between the strolling, chatting grown ups and his laughing, skipping younger siblings. A go-between. A peacemaker. Full of thoughts, hesitancy and confidence.

Photograph of a bournemouth boy teenager


A well placed bench, lightly shaded by the trees was just the place to sit a while and talk through the rest of the plans for the day. Squashed up close despite the warmth of the day and only partly because it annoys your sibling a little.

Family photography in Bournemouth

Sometimes, we try to annoy them more than a little too.

Photograph of girl sticking her tongue out at her brother


I’d love to photograph your family on a morning out, with all their smiles, smile-refusals and everything in between.

Get in touch with me on [email protected], call me on 07989194574 or leave me a message here with your details and I’ll get in touch to help you plan your own session.