A little about me

Hello, I’m Mei and I love…

… Grace, Fred, Tom & Katie: my children and cats.  Oh and my husband.

… dim sum. Actually, scratch that. I adore dumplings, but I’m a greedy sort who loves to eat in general and playing with flavours.  Cakes, tapas, cocktails (especially one with a shrub), I love finding new places to eat and relaxing with old favourites (helloo lovely Larderhouse). If you’ve got somewhere you just have to tell people about, I’d love to hear about it. And try it out.

… storytelling.  I have a terrible book habit and putting up the bookshelves when we moved was the first thing to make our new house feel like our home. I love visual storytelling too and try to show the story of a day and the family in my images and galleries.  It might be something as simple as a glance between siblings, the way your toddler laughs or the look of wonder as you sit and gaze at your newborn.

… immersive theatre and contemporary dance.  I know what it sounds like and I can feel my 14 year old self giving me raised eyebrows down the years, but what can I say? It brings me joy and makes me grin. I love how a character’s inner life is told through nuanced expression & movement and sometimes how that can bring out your emotions faster than words. It’s something I’ve found fairly recently though so I’m still very much exploring and learning, but it’s quite nice not to have to understand everything sometimes, isn’t it?

I’m also in love with photography, which you might expect from a photographer.  I love the way a single image can bring back the joy and memories of a particular day, how you can tell a story with just a few shots and how you can see love and beauty from just a glimpse.

My love affair started 20 years ago when I first got a disc camera for a rare trip to my mother’s Malaysian home.

Disc negatives

For a child from the North of Scotland, the colours and lights were mindblowing. I tried to photograph everything I saw but when I got home, I was disappointed that the prints didn’t match how I felt. The pictures looked like any other postcard of the place and didn’t show what made it so special to me & my family.


family photo

Now I create natural portraits full of light and life that allow you to see who the subject is, not just how they looked.

My children have taught me how the small moments that become the important ones holding the strongest memories: those tiny glints of plotting mischief, quiet moments examining a stick, and sitting reading in a box in the middle of the kitchen when you need a retreat.

160330_0081 copy160329_0001 copy

These are the moments that distill into memories that make you stop and smile when you pass the pictures on the stairs.

These are the moments that show you have far they’ve grown in the last months and years. This is the portfolio of images I would love to create for you.

Oh and this is me (shot by the hugely talented Eliza Claire in the middle of a very busy Chinese New Year in London one year).

I’d love to hear about you.

My phone number is 07989 194 574

and my email is [email protected]


I live in Southbourne and travel throughout Dorset and Hampshire,  perhaps further if there’s a cake in it.  (I’ve also been CRB / DBS checked for my role as a volunteer parent reader in schools).

Please get in touch to book your consultation, or just for a coffee or just a chat and any questions you’ve got about your photography session.